Welcome to WRc's Web Portal. From here you can navigate to all the websites that serve our various business areas. Please note that some of these sites have limited information available to the public as they are subscription based.


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Information on the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry

CESWI Electronic


Electronic copy of the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry (7th Edition) available to subscribed users only

Part G Workshops

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WRc supported Communities and Local Government in developing the new Approved Document G.

Book of numbers


This project provides web-based access to OFWAT Annual Return Data from 1998 - 2008



The 2nd edition of The Code of Practice for Self- Laying of Water Mains and Services - England and Wales reflects the experience of the UK Water Industry and the contractors involved in the self-laying of new water mains since the 1st edtion of the Code of Practice was published in 2004.

Sewers for Adoption


SFA 7 includes detailed requirements for lateral drains and SUSTAINABLE URBAN DRAINAGE SYSTEMS (SUDS) in order that they can be offered for adoption

Infiltration Reduction

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Information on infiltration reduction. Infiltration can be defined as water which is present in the ground surrounding a sewer and which enters the sewer system via openings such as displaced or open pipe joints, fractures and breaks in the fabric of the main sewer, lateral connections and manhole chambers



Information on Sewer Risk Management with a detailed Subscription based online manual on this topic.

WRc Approved

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The 'WRc Approved' Scheme helps manufacturers demonstrate the performance of their products. Quality, performance and installation issues are all covered in the assessment of the product or service.

Energy Efficiency


Measuring And Comparing Energy Efficiency Of Water And Wastewater Treatment And Supply



Water Portfolio is an information source for collaborative, shared cost research projects within the water, wastewater and environment industry



The UK Industry standard for rainfall modelling

Water and Environment Bookshop


The WRc Water and Environment Bookshop bringing you a wealth of information and special discounts only available if you order online

WRc Sahara


The Sahara® Leak Location System is a patented and proven system that accurately detects and locate leaks in pipelines of any material with a diameter over 100mm (4")

WRc Free Software


Currently WRc offers STOAT - Dynamic Modelling of Wastewater Treatment Plants software for free, with possibly more free software in the near future