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The STORMPAC™ software was developed in the 1990's to support the Urban Pollution Management programme. High resolution (5 minute) rainfall data drives modelling studies of wastewater systems and STORMPAC™generates hourly rainfall series that can be split up - disaggregated - into a 5 minute times series.

Stochastic rainfall generator - Import daily rainfall data, available from the Met. Office, to generate robust hourly rainfall series for up to 100 years.

The stochastic rainfall generator only needs a few inputs from the user to produce hourly rainfall data. Essential inputs: grid reference, distance from coast, altitude and annual average rainfall.

Multi-site RED generator this allows the user to generate RED files with many rain profiles and is useful for adding different soil types or rain gauges to RED files.

Catchment wetness indexes (UCWI and AP130) are automatically calculated by the software.

Storm events are defined by the user selecting depth, intensity, duration, dry period or bathing season events (1st May to 30th September)

Disaggregator - hourly rainfall series can be split up into 5 minute series. The user has the option of using the Poisson Rectangular Pulses model or the Ormsbee model.

Output - raindata is exported to InfoWorks™ RED files.

STORMPAC™- has also been calibrated for Sweden. Contact us for further details

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