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STORMPAC™ 4.2 launched – December 2012

Following further helpdesk calls and feedback from customers, the following updates have been made:

  • Adjustment made to the RED files produced if API values are >10 to avoid the loss of the first digit;
  • Update made to the Multi-RED processing function to remove overlaps in rainfall events;
  • Update made to the way STOMRPAC reads dates due to differences identified in date storage on some networks.


STORMPAC™ 4.1 launched – August 2009

Following further helpdesk calls and feedback from customers, the following updates have been made:

  • Rainfall series of up to 100 years can now be generated.
  • Calculated SRG parameters and upper and lower parameter limits can be viewed.
  • Graphical views comparing simulated results with historical data are produced.
  • Updates to Data Views function.
  • Faster creation of output files for multi-site RED generation.


STORMPAC™ 4.0 launched - September 2008

Following STORMPAC™ Helpdesk calls and feedback from users we have carried out the following updates:

  • RED file output includes evaporation on the first profile (used in Wallingford runoff model)
  • Options added to speed up Poisson disaggregator
  • Chart display to compare summary statistics for imported daily rainfall and generated rainfall
  • Time filter on Event definition form
  • Multi-site RED generator available – this allows the user to generate RED files with many rain profiles.


The 4.0 version runs a security check over the internet for standalone or network users as a replacement for the dongle hardware.
In the next few months we will be developing a method of disaggregating daily data to hourly amounts to provide alternative rainfall series for sites with annual rainfall values greater than 1500mm.

Are there any other improvements you would like to see made to the STORMPAC™ software? Is there a need to produce rainfall series with predictions of the impact of Climate Change on rainfall events included? Please contact us with your suggestions at the STORMPAC™ Helpdesk on:

Tel: +44 (0) 1793 865055
Email: solutions@wrcplc.co.uk


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